Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You who have come so far, who have traded valor for humility, humility for righteousness, righteousness for freedom, gird for war. At long last the Iaerae have grown as tired of their dominion as we of their tyranny.

We are free, and all that remains is a choice: to go or to stay.

Remaining here will be easy. This city of tribulation has been our home for phenomena. It is beautiful. Our eyes know nothing else. Our feet know nothing else. Our broken backs know nothing else.

But our hearts...

We can know aetoras having never been there. We can know freedom having never tasted it, grace having never received it. We can know truth, having never heard it.

This is the truth, that the Iaerae offer greatness. They offer the nobility of ages, the dominion of men. They offer majesty, beauty. But before everything else, they offer ease. 

I offer you nothing but these things: blood, sweat, and toil. The long search. Water that will fall from your eyes, water that will flood your homes and drown your hearts. A back-breaking. The raising of new cities with our empty hands. A hero, who died. An enemy victorious.

I can give you no answers, only truth.

Choose wisely, children of aetoras.

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