What is this?

Where have you found yourself?

This is a seed of a world. With each entry, it blossoms more, reaching ever upward for the sun and for the spirit, until in its Icarian journey it enfolds even that orb of joining-fire.

Here you will find yourself a student of the Es'mensis, a storied race on the borders of humanity. Neither quite men, who resemble them, nor Iaerae, who they resemble. Birthed deep in history from the first people, beings who arise only out of myth.

To the Es'mensis is the long search for aetoras and the twilight places where walk the long tales of the Gloaming Man.

I am your homely scribe - a music-maker, a scholar, an author of hopes. The scratchings you may find here as if they were incarnate in the world they portray.

There are other seeds of this same world, sown by my waking hand and the diligence of a few others. Armed with curiosity and a "shattered fate" you might seek them out, though as yet they are a few, and far between. There is music to be had, and images, and more writings concerning other peoples. There is glory, here, in this mythic history.

I entreat you to stay awhile, and listen.