Thursday, August 12, 2010

The time will come when at last I lay down and die. The story ends; the gloaming closes at least on a lifetime full of tribulation. No longer walker in twilight, but in full day to tread the surface of the sun. To know the imbearable heat and light, to bask in a glory of joining-fire that lived since time began. In that final of disintegration, I will find the peace that set my legs to their journey in ages past.

The time will come when we leave. When at last I see the face I have come to know so well.

This is my reassurance, that in time home will find you. Break your heart and not your hardship; home is not so far away that despair should tarry you on this hither shore, alone with the flesh and the devil.

My journey began with my legs and ends with my heart. I am the Es'mensis - their journey from despair to hope to truth. My death is their final unbringing - out and into the world like ember or lightning - and their final return to the home they have always known but never seen.

I am gone, made into nothing. But you - at last I see you in your full glory.

I pray that my words will be inscribed as I have been. I pray that as I am words written in flesh, so will this will be written on flesh.

I will be with you, always.

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