Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is it like to find a colleague? True yearner, happy thinker, joyous in suffering and tireless in hope. They who seek the newest knowledge, and the oldest. To whom nothing is nothing, to whom hope, to whom heartfire and soullessness are naught.

The joy, the courage, and the trepidation. The thrill of the knowing that you have met a kindred spirit, two kindred spirits, all great and becoming greater. Seekers of truth, children of aetoras, even if they have never heard of it.

The gregarious cross-fertilization of ideas, the eternal, fleeting summer that steals over your hearts. The quiet resignation as your time draws to an end, all enormously sweet, immeasurably precious, truly glorious in its humility. And the greatest of these hold the test of self-awareness. They know of themselves and act no differently. With joyous speech and kind words and boundless self-awareness, tentative awkwardness, fear and slowly reaching out to one another.

What is it like to find another that you respect? That will teach you and you will teach. Good luck.

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