Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sea Visions

Let us lay bare what has been done to this place. If you can reach, if you can strive upwards, into the empyrean vault that hides the telarai from our view, hold down the continents of the sky and reach beyond them, I say. Take them, roving and new, such seismic antagonists, and lay them here amidst our own waters. Make their edges meet the Hollowell and sift their mountains down amidst our own; take down the astral vault from whence time comes, and if you can believe it, you will carry the weight of a drifter, the clouds that ride in to sow honesty among the least of us. I imagine that if sight would stretch far farther, braced on delicate balance of snowy wings, it would find that the heavenly strand does not reign in hues but shades, and that even beyond the lightnings of our skies lies night, not only forever eternal, but forever still.

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